Go Math! Resources

All of the resources below can be found in the student's library on Think Central.

Think Central Log In at Home 18-19
Math on the Spot Videos These are videos for each lesson in the textbook. These videos are a great resource for student to use while completing homework, or reviewing math concepts and skills.
Interactive Student Edition An interactive version of each lesson found in the student textbook. This is a great resources to review a lesson that has already been covered in class.
GO Math! Animated Math Models These are interactive, tiered practice for students that include four components: Learn the Math, Do the Math, Independent Practice, and Quiz.
Mega Math Games Support the skills your child is learning in the classroom by playing one of the Mega Math Games.
i-ToolsVirtual manipulatives that students can use anywhere.

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GO Math! Homework Helper

Organized by grade level and lesson to assist students with homework. Click the grade level to access the resources.